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Alliance Française - Summer Exam Session - 2018



Fee for internal

Fee for external

Entry closing date
DELF B1 June 8th 2018
€  80

€ 95



April 13th 2018

DELF B2 June 7th 2018
€ 105

€ 125

DALF C1 June 12th 2018
€ 145

€ 175

DALF C2 June 13th 2018
€ 145 € 175

Exam registration fees vary depending on the candidate:

Internal users: students enrolled at the University of Macerata (= bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and specialisation schools); doctoral students; Erasmus students and students of other international exchange programmes, recent graduates and post graduates not exceeding 2 years; teaching staff, researchers and technical administrative staff of the University; school children, students from other Italian Universities or School that have a partnership the University of Macerata: such persons are entitled to a reduction established by the Cambridge English Language Assessment.
External users: those who do not fall into the above-mentioned category.