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EXAMS 2018-2019


Exam Date

Exam Fee

Entry Closing Date

CELI i A1. level






€ 116,00





CELI 1  A2. level

CELI 2  B1. level

CELI 3  B2. level

CELI 4  C1. level

CELI 5  C2. level

CELI Migrant Learners i. A1 CELI



€ 31,38




12/04/2019 h12

CELI Migrant Learners A2 CELI 1

€ 51,00

CELI Migrant Learners B1 CELI 2

€ 51,00

CELI Young Learners A2 CELI 1




€ 116,00

CELI Young Learners B1 CELI 2

CELI Young Learners B2 CELI 2

Both internal and external applicants may sign up for exams.

Standard CELI certificates of general knowledge of Italian are intended for educated adults. Such certificates can be useful for working and studying in Italy. They certify language knowledge and skills in Italian graded according to six levels, from A2 to C2. CELI i. (Migrant Learners) certificates of language knowledge in Italian are intended for adult migrants. They are designed to enhance migrant integration. CELI a. (Young Learners) certificates are intended for teenagers between 12 and 18, and may be used as standard CELI certificates.

How to sign up for CELI exams : you need to fill the exam application form and upload the receipt of bank transfer and a copy of the candidate's identity documentIf you wish to sign up for CELI Migrant Learners, you must also provide a copy of a valid residence permit. Bank transfers must be made payable to the University of Macerata: IT92T0306913401100000046013 (Bank Cashier: INTESA SANPAOLO, Branch Office 40359, Piazza Mazzini, 27 - 62100 Macerata). In the box describing payment specify: Exam Application with name of exam and level (e.g.: exam application CELI 3 B2 level). – Reimbursement will be available only if the exam session is cancelled.

CAPITALISING EXAMS Each CELI exam is deemed 'passed' if candidates reach the minimum score, both in the oral and in the written part of the exam. Candidates who do not pass the written part (including the following components: Reading Comprehension, Written Production, Language Accuracy – starting from CELI 3 – and Listening Comprehension) but have passed the oral part or vice versa, may capitalise the partial score obtained for one year. They may then re-take the failed part of the exam paying 70% of the overall fee.

COMMUNICATION OF RESULTS AND DELIVERY OF CERTIFICATES The CVCL communicates results within three months from exam dates.Candidate may see results from their personal area on the webpage, by entering their identification number and date of birth. Candidate can do this in compliance with data protection regulation. The final score is given by adding results obtained in each part of the exam. The ensuing score is then turned into five progressive levels of performance identified by alphabet letters. The exam may be passed with three levels: A (Excellent) – B (Good) – C (Pass). Exams are failed if candidates obtain D (Fail) or E (Highly Unsatisfactory). For CELI Impact and CELI 1 the final score is either Positive or Negative, without any further level specification. Certificates are issued by the CVCL, which sends them to the CLA. The CLA will provide candidates with  further details on certificate collection via e-mail.

Candidates who need a provisional certificate stating they have passed the exam, may find such document in their personal area ready for download. INFORMATION ON PREPARATORY MATERIAL and exam format is available at CVCL website (Centro Valutazioni Certificazioni Linguistiche) UniStraPG. For further information about exams format, preparatory bibliography and previous exam samples go to the official website.