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Which is the most suitable language qualification exam for my level? According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages all language qualification exams are differentiated on the basis of language competence. For further details and information please visit the relevant webpage concerning the language of your choice.

Does the CLA organize preparatory courses for language qualification exams?
CLA organizes training courses leading to the specific exam formats for which you need to have the language level you want to certify. Please check which courses are currently offered for the language of your choice on our webpage.

Does the CLA organize paper-based or computer-based exams? Usually the CLA organizes computer-based exam sessions for Cambridge Examinations. Nevertheless, for C2 level exams the paper-based version is the prevailing choice. Which version is available is shown before the name of the exam (CB=computer-based; PB= paper-based). With regards to other language qualifications (Cervantes, Alliance Goethe CVCL) all exams are paper-based.

How do listening tests take place?
Listening tests takes place in a language laboratory where each candidate is provided with headphones. They may listen to the audio file for the exam either through a sound system or through a CD player (depending on Qualification Authority guidelines).

Does the oral test take place on the same day of the written test?
Yes, it usually does.

Where can I find exam samples? Each Qualification Authority offers exam samples and a list of useful preparatory material available on its website.

If I cannot take the test, may I ask for reimbursement of the exam fee? If a candidate is unable to attend the exam, reimbursement of exam fee is not provided for. In case of exceptional and unforeseeable circumstances or in case of certified medical reasons, application for reimbursement is possible. In any case, the relevant Qualification Authority reserves the right to make the final decision on reimbursement.

How can I pay the exam fee?
Exam fees may be paid by bank transfer. Candidates who are holders of the Carta Docente may use their voucher to pay for the course and/or for the exam.

How much are exam fees? Exam fees vary according to the language chosen by the candidate, to the qualification level the candidates wants to achieve and to candidate status, that is, whether they are internal or external candidates – where applicable.

To sign up to join a course and/or take a language qualification exam, is payment by bank transfer sufficient? No, it is not. In order to sign up, candidates need to fill the 'online application for language qualification'. The application requires a copy of the bank transfer and a copy of an identity document to be attached. Once the online application is duly filled in, an automated e-mail will be generated and sent to CLA offices, which will check attachments. To sign up for the Italian language L2/LS, candidates need to download and print the registration form from their personal area on the webpage. After that, registration must be delivered to CLA offices with a copy of an identity document.

Are qualification levels interdependent? No, they are not. For example, to sign up for a B2 level qualification you do not need to hold a B1 level qualification.

Do language qualifications have time limits? No, they do not. A language qualification certifies that at a given time a candidate has reached a certain level of competence in a language. Sometimes universities or institutions require language qualifications to be no older than 2 or 3 years. That occurs because if a language has not been used for a long time, the level of competence in the language may vary.

May I transfer my registration from one exam session to another one?
No, you may not.

May I sign up for more than one language qualification exam in the same session and for the same language (e.g.: PET and FCE)?
Yes, that is possible if exam dates set by the relevant Qualification Authority do not overlap. Nevertheless, candidates are strongly advised to take one qualification exam at a time in each session.

How long is a language qualification exam and how may I get exam results? Length of exam and access to exam results are established by the relevant Qualification Authority. On our webpage you can find detailed information concerning the language you are interested in.

If I do not pass the language qualification exam, will I be able to see my tests? No, you will not. All the tests are sent to the head offices of the relevant Qualification Authority for assessment. All test papers belong to them and test assessment may not be questioned. If you wish to question exam outcome, you have to follow appeal procedures established by the relevant Qualification Authority.

How can I get the final language qualification certificate? Qualification Authorities send final certificates to the CLA. CLA offices will contact candidates for qualification collection via email.